Description - In Loki's Keep

Coming Summer 2016

After DC cop Brad Segan gets werewolf-bitten on the job, the authorities give him two options:

1) Hunt other werewolves so they can be locked up before they eat people; or
2) Spend the remainder of his unnatural existence in a detention center.

Segan decides on a third option.

He goes rogue.


On a dark, lonely stretch of highway, Cassie Andrews encounters a vicious pack of beings that aren’t supposed to exist. They’re clever, agile and out for blood.

When she wakes in the hospital days later, recovering from a car accident, she’s sure her memories of that night can’t be real. Werewolves don’t exist. And neither do the heroic yellow dog that saved her and the gentle golden man who healed her.

It’s the little things that make her question that certainty… the hint of fuzz on her upper lip… a sudden aversion to her vegetarian diet… and an almost overpowering desire to rip her cat to smithereens.

As Cassie works to make sense of that night, she can identify only two possible explanations. Either she’s crazy or werewolves exist. And if they do, she’s the newest member of the species.


Loki, leader of the Wolves of Dominion, works to maintain his patience while Cassie comes to terms with her new reality. He won’t take her against her will. But time’s running out. Before the next full moon, the authorities will lock her away, just as they’ve done with countless others.

When Cassie and Loki meet again, the encounter leaves him fighting for his life, even as Cassie comes to realize she’s already lost her heart.