Description - Which Way Up?

At fourteen, Kate had only one prayer: "Please let him fall in love with me. I'll never ask for anything else. Just... please... help me make him love me."

In the years that followed, she broke that promise and quite a few more.

Now Kate’s a twenty-nine-year-old exotic dancer haunted by the specter of the woman she was supposed to be and by memories of rock drummer Falcon Black, the boy whose love fulfilled her prayer and whose betrayal shattered her heart.

After a series of bad choices lands Kate and her best friend, Hailey, firmly under Falcon’s thumb, Hailey declares him ‘an asshole control-freak megalomaniac clumsy absent-minded preachy childish whiny henpecked pantywaist convicted felon ass-happy bi drug addict.’ It’s a description Kate decides is pretty accurate.

Falcon turns Kate and Hailey’s shared life upside down. He shakes them hard and wrenches them apart.

Only later does Kate come to recognize his intervention for what it was… a gift of the future from a man who’d lost all hope for his own.

All that’s left to Kate is the life he gave her. And maybe one more prayer.

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