Description - Presumption of Guilt

Lauren Tate likes men better in the wild than she does in her bed, snoring and stealing her blankets after leaving her sexually unsatisfied.

She’d be content married to her work as a public defender—if not for her growing certainty she needs to get out before she gets dumped. She can’t bring herself to eviscerate crime victims and their families in court. Unwilling to play a role in helping dangerous people go free, she’s built a career out of convincing murderers and rapists to plead guilty.

Lauren's new client refuses to get with the program. Worse, he terrifies her. Worst of all, the prosecution's lack of evidence means she’ll probably win the case, helping a dangerous murderer go free.

When she hears the prosecution has called in psychic and internet meme Dart Cheraux, she thinks it's a joke—until, displaying paranormal skill almost equal to his arrogance, he lays bare her soul.
Intent on hating him, she finds herself increasingly fascinated by the world-weary blind man who sees so much.

Lauren soon discovers Dart doesn’t just receive signals. He transmits… and he’s powerless to make it stop. Among his unwitting revelations are clues to a tragic past, indications of a lonesome present, and hints for a bullet-shattered future.

The truth is as inescapable as it is terrifying. Everybody’s Hero needs a hero of his own… and there’s no one but Lauren to answer the call.

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When will book 2 in this series be out? I can't wait to see what happens next!

I really appreciate that you took the time to let me know you're interested in Book II.

My plan right now is to have it out within the next couple months.

I'll announce it on Facebook as well as here. If you'd like to follow my page on Facebook, to get updates, just click the button in the righthand Network Connect area.

Thanks for reading!

I love hearing from readers! Unfortunately, the spam-blocker just wasn't up to the task of eliminating the spam from marketers, and this made it difficult to find the REAL comments, such as the one above. If you'd like to reach me, try the 'Contact' option on the menu. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!