Books Written as Laurie Lynd

As Laurie Lynd, I write Contemporary Fiction for Women with a strong focus on Romance.


Hi Dora,

I saw on the writers' board that you had offered to read a book and give your opinion on it. I could use a disinterested opinion of my writing. You don't have to write a review if you don't want to. You don't even need to read the whole book if you don't like it. Just an honest appraisal of how it's written would be enough. You said something about not selling a lot of books. Well, I'm definitely in that genre of writing too. I'm trying to decide if I ought to say I gave it a good try but I just wasn't good enough or not. If you're willing, I'll put it up for free and tell you when. You can email me directly at [hidden email address] if you want.

Thanks either way,
Richard Ferguson


I'm looking forward to checking out your book.

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